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Not Enough Hours in the Day?

Not Enough Hours in the Day?

We are often asked what are the benefits of hiring Admin Angel? There are many reasons that Admin Angel could benefit your business however we thought this week we would focus on TIME.

As a business owner your time is your most valuable asset. If you are not spending your time GROWING your business but instead bogged down in admin and emails you should consider outsourcing to Admin Angel.

Many business owners start their business as they wanted flexibility, and more time to enjoy life with family . However as your business starts to grow you quickly become stretched. At the beginning you enjoyed the buzz, it is your new baby, however running at 100 miles an hour leads to burn out and you slowly lose the excitement you once had. Once you get to this point you realise in order to continue, or to grow, your business need some help.

As a business owner once you identify you require some assistance, recruitment is time consuming. Writing Job Specs, advertising, wading through CV’s, organising interviews etc it can be a daunting process that many business owners just don’t have the TIME to do. Yes of course you can get a recruitment agency to help however this is also costly and can take up time with emails and calls to organise.

Admin Angel provides hourly & daily rates, providing 1 simple hassle free fixed cost invoice each month.

Admin Angel will then take time to understand your business goals, discuss tasks required and get going. We already work with numerous clients across a wide range of industries, therefore have the required skill set to work with various platforms and software, and can often do tasks in half the time due to experience!

So put simply if you are spending too much time IN your business rather than ON your business then its time to have a chat.



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