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Do you need to up your game with your organisation skills?

Do you need to up your game with your organisation skills?

Are you super organised or do you leave things to the last minute ?

I am super organised . With small children and running a business every second counts ! I plan everything , meal plans, birthday parties ( before Covid!) holidays and I love nothing more than making a To – Do list and marking off the tasks as they are completed.

I hate last minute panic and chaos however for some people they thrive on it! So shall I tell you a secret ……being organised isn’t a mind boggling trick it’s down to habit .  

Here are 10 habits to help you become more organised in your business .

1- Write things down. ( With so much to remember its impossible to retain it all without dropping the ball at some point . Use your phone calender/alerts or good old pen and paper)

2 – Have a routine – ( Routine is so important – especially if you are now working form home as its easy to become distracted)

3 – Ask for help when needed – ( This this something I need to work on more however I am getting better!) Most people want to assist in some way and are happy to help so if your are drowning then ask for help!

4 – Keep your to do list current – ( It will keep growing but oh the lovely feeling when you see the progress being made when tasks are completed! )

5 – Declutter – ( If you have 4352 emails in your inbox then this is overwhelming for anyone!) Spend time each day to declutter and prioritise

6 – Put things in their correct place – ( How much time do you waste trying to find things?) Trust me when you put things in the right place it not only saves time but your sanity also !

7- Have a goal – what do you want to achieve today? This week? If you have a goal its more likely you will commit to doing the tasks required to get there)

8- Dont put stuff off – ( Ahhh the classic – putting things off as we don’t like doing them) Schedule 1 hour to start the task – I promise once you start most tasks they are never as bad as you think! The relief when its done is also amazing !  

9 – Arrive prepared – ( Check you have everything the night before and don’t leave it till the next morning) So pause the tv, go and pack your laptop bag , check you have the email/document you need and lay out the clothes you need in advance . Saves sooooo much stress in the morning !

10- Learn to destress – Another one that I’m working on . It can be hard to switch off , especially when we all receive emails on our phones etc. Taking time out to exercise, relax, play with the kids is a must as if you don’t learn to do this you will lead to burnout .

Hope this helps you become more organised – or if you still need some help then get in touch – pamela@youradminangel.co.uk



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