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Can the last quarter of the year be any more terrifying than the last few months?

Can the last quarter of the year be any more terrifying than the last few months?

Well hello, October – how on earth can it be October already? It is me or does if feel like we went from March April……October. It’s so strange as during lockdown some days felt as if they were never-ending but overall the time has passed quickly.

We all know the last few months have been tricky for everyone. Lots of businesses have been affected and have had to change their business model a full 180 degrees to keep trading. But do you know what….. you did it…. you adjusted….you made it happen so a massive well done as I know how hard this has been for many.

So now the colder mornings are coming and the darker nights are drawing in, and its time to STEP UP to the last quarter of the year and END IT ON A HIGH!


Whether you sell products or services now is the time to get on it. People now more than ever want to support small businesses so make sure they are able to find you and your goods! Please also make sure you are telling people about your offerings, as often people forget even if they have purchased from you before!

Whether you need some social media help, want help to send mailshots to customers to tell them of special offers etc or even need help putting together a Christmas gift guide Admin Angel can help.

We work with LOTS of small business owners so we know it’s tough to do it all yourself. You have great plans then something happens, or you start a task and the kids take unwell and everything is put on hold. We get it, we totally understand and that’s when we can help!

So you see with a little help, there is nothing “scary” to worry about!



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