Admin Angel offers a cost effective & simple solutions for growing businesses.

With extensive PA & Administrative skills, Admin Angel allows business owners time to focus on growing their business rather than being bogged down in emails and paperwork.

Pamela started Admin Angel as she realized that many small businesses do not require full or even part time staff members, however by offering as little as 1 hour assistance per day this could greatly relieve the pressure on small/medium business owners.

With a background in sales, events & technology,  Pamela quickly realized that working 9-5pm  was becoming dated for many businesses and the need to sit next to someone in the workplace to actually work was becoming a thing of the past.

Admin Angel works with numerous businesses across various sectors including the wellness industry, drinks industry, IT sector, Estate Agents, Recruitment plus lots more.

If you are at a stage in your business where you are drowning in paperwork,  you are working weekends and have lost your work/life balance Admin Angel can help.